Case for a Right Wing pressure group

Brief History

As we know, after India’s independence, we have had a neo Marxist regime starting from Jawaharlal Nehru till P. V. Narsimha Rao.  Implications of this regime on India’s economy as well as national security are well known.
But there is also another aspect in which this regime hurt India, namely social and secular balance. Our whole society was broken up in social groups, fighting to get ahead of each other and get the largest share in the resource pie. Minorityism was made a state policy, social conflict either ignored or encouraged and social imbalance became state practice under a perverse “Idea of India” label.

Hindu Agenda

As Koenraad Elst points out in his article on Swarajya, when the first BJP government took charge for a full term under Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee it was expected by the right that social balance and concerns of the majority will be addressed, but unfortunately the primary focus was given to economy and national security while focus on BJP core issues e.g. a uniform civil code was off.

Right of Center (Hindu Nationalist) issues that need addressing

Now that a newer, modern and stronger BJP government has taken charge under Shri Narendra Modi, the following issues need to be addressed to restore social balance and fulfill the Hindu Nationalist agenda (declared when Hindu Mahasabha was conceived):
Note: All this issues are subject to discussion in our first hang-out.

  • Uniform Civil Code
  • Freeing Hindu temples from state control
  • Encouragement of research, scholarship and start of a right of center narrative in academia – especially history where a vast content of information has been deliberately suppressed by ruling Marxist academia so far
  • Removal of “Idea of India” laws which discriminate against the majority, create a level playing field for Hindus (e.g. IDMI, also check this post – Hinduism vs. proselytizing religions in the market of ideas)
  • Judicial imbalance in treating religious practices of minorities vis-à-vis those of Hindu groups
  • Fraudulent or forced proselytization and steps to check the same (includes discussing the concept of proselytization itself)
  • Propagate a modern (and not protectionist or restrictive) idea of Hindu nationalism

Our Aim

Create a pressure group that creates awareness on intellectual and political Hindutva and builds public opinion on issues mentioned above. Towards that end, we would read and write on intellectual and political issues concerning Hindus. Writing on intellectual issues could start from reviewing and summarizing, with the intent of enhancing the reach of, the masterpieces of original Hindutva scholars like Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup, Koenraad Elst, and Arun Shourie. We should dwell on the history of Hindus, starting from the ancient to current genocides, as much as we can in our public discourse. The political element would concern reading and writing about the discriminatory aspects of legal and administrative practices of different state and central governments.
In short, intellectually strengthen and popularize the Hindu Nationalist narrative.


To be discussed in the hangout. All suggestions and perspectives within the ambit of our broad agenda are welcome.


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